I had been thinking that I was finished with bringing you tales of my (indoor) garden. After all, I got a couple of good OUTDOOR gardening sessions in this week. And next week is forecasting weather that will make my garden absolutely explode.

So I figure . . . I’m done with “making do” with garden tales from indoors.

This really amazing thing happened. And I want to share.

This . . . unexpected and pretty remarkable bloom happened! This plant . . . is a Pink Quill (botanical name Wallisia cyanea), an easy-to-care-for houseplant from the bromeliad family. (I’ve also seen it referred to as a Tillandsia cyanea; I have no idea why the discrepancy in name.)

Anyway. I picked up this little plant back in February during one of my field-trips-to-get-me-through. I was originally drawn to the plant because of that lovely pink “heart” in the center, having no idea that it might do . . . even more. Here’s a photo from the day I brought it home in February.

I mean . . . I thought that pink quill was cool enough!

But last week, I started noticing these little purple “spikes” emerging between the pink quills. And then . . . it bloomed! I had no idea it would do this.

It’s . . . well . . . it’s kind of thrilling.

And I just needed to tell you about it.


Have a great weekend! I hope something wonderful surprises you!