Like a Virgin

I made it through the wildernessSomehow I made it throughDidn’t know how lost I wasUntil I found you
I was beat, incompleteI’ve been had, I was sad and blueBut you made me feelYeah, you made me feelShiny and new
Oh, like a virginTouched for the very first timeLike a virginWhen your heart beats next to mine

Pattern: Hitchhiker

Designer: Martina Behm

Yarn: Emma’s Yarn Hella Hank in colorway ‘Once Upon a Time’ (I bought this at the Michigan Fiber Festival a couple of years ago.) 600 yard skein; I used all but a couple of yards.

Needles: Size 3

Finished: April 2024

Made for: Myself

Size: 45 “teeth.” After blocking, it measures 58″ on the “teeth” side, 37″ on the “short” side, and is 12 1/2″ long at its deepest point.

Details and Notes:
For years and years, I’ve seen beautiful Hitchhikers created by my knitting friends. I always planned to knit one for myself someday . . . but I never did. I resisted the urge. You could say I was a Hitchhiker virgin . . . until last month, when I needed a quick and easy-to-memorize, one-(big)-skein project to take on a trip. I finally succumbed the Hitchhiker’s charms. And like so many other things we hold out on, I’ve discovered what I’d been missing in my (knitting) life!

The Hitchhiker is an ideal pattern if you’re looking for a nice, gentle knit that is completely at home in a car, on a plane, in conversation, or watching tv. Oh! and it pairs beautifully with a glass of wine, too.

Note on yarn usage: My skein was 600 yards, and I used all but a couple of yards.

Note on construction: I threw in a row of yarn-overs on every 3rd tooth. I think it makes it look more . . . light and “spring-y,” and it added a bit of interest while knitting, too.

A big shoutout to my knitting friend, Bonny, who has provided me with much Hitchhiker envy and loads of inspiration over the years. Also . . . ¬†a bundle of excellent tips and tricks regarding yarn and needle selection, sizing information, and the niftiest little trick of counting rows between teeth. (Ask her. I’m sure she’ll share her tips with you, too!)