Gingerbread Houses Holiday Ornaments

Pattern: Gingerbread Houses Holiday Ornaments

Designer: Dropcloth Samplers

Thread (and stuff): For this project, I gathered up everything I had . . . and ended up using a variety of Perle Cotton and Sue Spargo threads, much of it variegated and shiny (and all #8). I pulled out every type of bead and sequin I had on hand for the “bedazzling.”

Finishing: I cut the houses apart after finishing the stitching, then machine-sewed them to contrasting back pieces, stuffed them with fiber-fil, hand-sewed the openings, and voilà! The sweetest holiday ornaments ever!

Finished: November 2023

And what am I going to do with them? Shhhhh . . . it’s a secret (for now).

Other notes: 

  • I never use embroidery hoops when I stitch, so I didn’t have any trouble working with the beads/sequins and hoops.
  • I did use a backing fabric behind my stitching.
  • I used my zipper foot when sewing the stitched pieces to the contrast back pieces.