Oh, it has been a busy time in the garden.
Plenty of tales.
Some good. Some not so good. Most just . . . interesting.

So today, rather than a boring and wordy update that you really don’t care about anyway (unless, like me, you’re a gardening nerd) (proof of “gardening nerd-hood” on full display here with the hat), I’ll keep it brief and bring you up to date with a photo gallery.

What you’ll see in the photo gallery: The dogwood really has been the standout stunner in the garden this year! Blooming plants (some – like the wisteria and the baptisia – already done for the year; some like the water hyacinth fleeting but wonderful). Munched hostas and the return of the parking lot flags. (Yes. The deer are back.) (Or were . . . until the return of the parking lot flags.) My herb garden. Sedum growing in the patio cement under my rain barrel. JoJo, Faithful Garden Companion. Ponds. General scenes from my garden. Weeds.

What you won’t see in the photo gallery: The ground cover battleground (I’m waging war; the groundcover is winning). The huge volunteer cherry tree with the split trunk in the front pine tree grove that must be taken out next week. The still-there-but-much-smaller mulch pile waiting to be spread. The thistles I must pull this week . . . or else. The dead bunny I found.

And there you have it. Tales from the garden . . . early June edition.