Incense and Peppermints

. . . beatniks and politics, nothin’ is newa yardstick for lunatics, one point of view
who cares what games we chooselittle to win, but nothing to lose . . . 

Pattern: Musselburgh

Designer: Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Vivid Wool – Vivid Zebra Fingering (Merino wool)

Needles: Size 4

Finished: January 11, 2024 . . . just in time for the “bomb cyclone”

Made for: No one in particular, which means it will probably be a new hat for me.

Details & Notes: I can’t quite remember where I picked up this yarn, but I think maybe from a vendor at the Michigan Fiber Festival? Vivid Wool is an Icelandic wool shop, and I’ve never been to Iceland . . . so I know it’s not from there. 😉 Anyway. I cast this hat on last spring, and then carried it around in my knitting bag for just-in-case knitting. Finally, after the holidays, I decided to just finish the damn thing. I love Musselburgh hats — both the knitting and the wearing.