Here we are!
It’s Premiere Day: episode 1 of the all new season of . . . Tales From the Garden!

As you probably recall, last season ended with a real cliffhanger. How WILL the garden fare  . . . after multiple late-season blows. First, The Deer. And then, The Roofing Siege. Tune in and follow along as . . . things unfold!

Yes, friends.
Last week, I was finally able to get out in my garden and do some REAL gardening. And this week? Well. Pull out all the stops! We’ve got FOUR sunny days in a row coming . . . with temperatures in the low 70s. Things are going to POP around here. (Talk about shifting from 0-to-60 in less than 10 seconds . . . )

But things are still actually . . . really dull in the garden. (Unless serious weeding and bed-cleaning excite you.) So today, instead of exciting garden tales, I’ll share with you . . .

Five Gardening Tools I Use Every Day

First, my garden gloves. As you can see in the photo at the top of this post, I keep a huge supply of Nitrile TOUCH garden gloves on hand. I’ve been using these gloves for years — and I can’t imagine gardening without them. They’re thin (it’s almost like gardening with bare hands). They’re lightweight. They protect my hands from any garden nasty-ness. And they’re machine washable. Each pair usually lasts a couple of seasons in the garden — and I wear them every day. My favorite nursery carries them all season long – and at better prices than I see online – so I’m really fortunate. (I usually start the season with 2 or 3 new pairs.)

I also have a couple of pairs of heavy-duty garden gloves in my “stash” that I use for tougher jobs like hauling limbs or more nasty pruning jobs. I also have a pair of rose gauntlets – this very pair – to protect my arms from “thorny” work. Mostly, though, my Nitrile TOUCH gloves are my everyday, go-to garden gloves.

Next, my Felco (F-2) hand pruners. I never go out to the garden without these pruners in my back pocket! Yes. They are expensive. But they are The Best — and they last and last. I’ve had mine since 2011, and they still work perfectly – just like new! Although you can’t tell from that photo above, I do clean them, oil them, and sharpen them a couple times each year. (I will say . . . that if you want to buy a pair for yourself, make sure to purchase them from a reputable dealer — because there are a lot of “fakes” out there.)

Then, I have my garden clogs. I’ll start off by saying . . . I don’t get new “gardening stuff” very often. I use the same old “stuff” for years and years. Like . . . until it wears out, and sometimes even after it does wear out. I had my previous pair of garden clogs for about 20 years. They were plain, boring, green clogs (Sloggers was the brand) – but they were great, and they lasted For.Ever. (Mine were just like these — only a much less fun shade of green.) I used to see all kinds of newer, funner, cuter varieties of garden clogs every year (and I was mighty tempted), but my Sloggers were still hanging in there just fine, so I just stuck with them. After 20 years, though, the treads eventually wore down in a dangerous way . . . and I ended up slipping on wet grass. When I replaced those old Sloggers, I got this pair from backdoorshoes. I love them! They’re comfortable, lightweight, and . . . super cute! This will be their third season on my feet out in the garden, and they’re holding up beautifully. (Note: I never garden without my gardening shoes. I also have pair of chicken rain boots for really mucky days in the garden.)

I also have my trusty garden cart. This little cart has already made many appearances here on the blog. It’s my oldest piece of garden equipment still in use, actually. Erin and Tom gave it to me as a Mother’s Day gift when Erin was almost 2 (Brian wasn’t even around yet), so that means I’ve been scooting around on this little cart for nearly . . . 32 years!!! (They don’t seem to be available anymore — except on Ebay.) It’s a fabulous little garden cart — I use it ALL the time; every time I’m out in the garden. It can be tricky in the hilly parts of my garden (I have fallen off a few times) (no big deal, but I do hope no one saw me, y’know?), but it it allows me to sit and weed for hours without stressing my back or my bad knee. (And it holds my favorite garden tools – and an extra pair of gloves – in the little compartment under the seat.)

Last, there’s my plastic “tubtrug.” I love these lightweight, plastic “buckets” when I’m out in the garden. They’re great for weeds. Or when I’m deadheading. Or for hauling compost. Or transplants. Whatever needs hauling or toting! I have two of them that I purchased many years ago online, but now I see them at garden centers near me, so I could easily grab some more. Still . . . I just have the two. (I also use 5-gallon buckets from the hardware store sometimes when I need to haul even more stuff.)

You might also notice that I have a new garden bench.
But that’s a tale for another day.

And now . . . it’s time to get out in the garden!


How about you? If you garden, what are your can’t-do-without tools?