It’s time . . . for another of my Getting Through February field trips! This time, I’m taking you to River Street Flowerland in Kalamazoo — my favorite nursery in the area (and we have a lot of Really Fine nurseries around here to choose from) (it’s an embarrassment of riches, actually).

As you can see, I chose one of the most gloomy, dreary February days for my visit (but there was no snow on the ground) (yet). If you look really closely, you can (sort of) see the OPEN sign – lit up and glowing in a welcoming way, almost like a beacon of joy. While most area nurseries around here close for the winter months, River Street remains open year round – although with limited hours and a pared-back selection. In a couple of months, though, this place will be hoppin’! Packed with plants, loaded with inspiration, and filled with happy gardeners. For now? They have a great selection of houseplants, and the best succulents I’ve ever seen.

C’mon inside and take a peek with me!




There is always color . . . bright, lively color . . . everywhere you look. No matter the season. They do an especially good job at giving gardeners something to smile about in the dark days of winter.



Not to mention the whimsy! They carry a lot of whimsy at River Street . . . to bring a smile on even the dreariest of February days.



Such a day-brightening experience . . . on a day that really, really needed quite a bit of brightening!

What did I come home with? (Because plant spots, for me, are kinda like yarn shops. It’s nearly impossible to leave empty-handed . . . ) So I did come home with two new houseplants . . . a bromeliad with a bright pink bloom (too gloomy to even really see it in this photo, though), and a dwarf fig tree.


I decided to leave the whimsical creatures there on the shelves . . . so they can brighten someone else’s day!


How about you? Have you taken yourself on any February field trips? I’d love to hear about them!