There are several things I really love about my house, and right at the top of that list is  . . . all of the windows. (We have lots of windows.)

I especially love the giant window in my living room that looks out onto my garden. (There’s actually a “matching” window – without the arch on the top, and just a smidge  smaller – on the exact opposite wall of the house, in another room. You can see all the way through my house through those two windows.) I love being able to look out that back window – in any season – and see my garden. In fact, when I designed the garden, I considered carefully how it could be viewed from inside — out the windows, and especially out that particular window.

There was one thing I really didn’t consider, though . . . and, at first, I thought this thing was an unintentional bonus feature . . . because that giant window becomes a “mirror” from the outside each afternoon, reflecting the garden perfectly in its surface. I thought it looked really cool from the outside . . . a lovely reflection of my garden right there on the outside of my house.


From time to time, the birds in my garden couldn’t tell it was a reflection, and they flew right into the window!  While none of these bird “mistakes” ended in bird death (that I know of . . .), the poor birds were often stunned and would sit quietly in the garden below the window, gathering themselves until they could fly away on their own again.

I felt terrible about this, and struggled with just what to do about it. How to balance my love for that window – and my view of the garden – with my love of the birds . . .  and my horror of hearing them crash into the glass.

Earlier this spring, I finally decided to take action. (It was a flicker. He crashed into the window really hard, and it took him several hours to recover. I was heartbroken.) (He did recover, though. I still see him in my garden nearly every day.)

I ordered some window cling stickers (these, from Etsy), and Tom helped me “install” them on the window. The stickers are really nice — simple, easy-to-install. But I really don’t care for them at all. (I REALLY liked that unobstructed view of my garden out that window.) I know that it’s the right thing to do, though . . . caring for the birds that also enjoy my garden every day.

So now I have a “warning sign” on my window . . . alerting the birds that the reflection-garden they see in the glass is actually NOT a garden. And, since installing the window clings, there have been no birds crashing into the glass. These prism-circle window clings seem to be doing the trick — and, generally, it was an easy fix.

I’m getting used to having them there.
And I know it was the absolutely right thing to do.

Besides . . . the circles and rings make for some interesting “visuals!” I love the shadows they cast. And sometimes they do work as prisms and reflect little rainbow patterns across the carpet. And on hot, rainy mornings, they look kind of magical amidst the window condensation.


I actually find myself wondering . . . how they’ll look with winter behind them. Or how they’ll look with my fairy lights.

Sometimes you just need to sacrifice form . . . for function.
(And doing the right thing is never wrong.)