The end of my garden season is near. We’ve still got probably a month or so until we have a hard freeze here (which really does mark the absolute end of my garden season), but just when that happens . . . is always a bit of a crap shoot. I still have work to do out there, but it all feels less urgent these days. I’ve got my list, and I’m working through it.

Today it was cold and rainy, and I didn’t feel like working out in the cold, wet garden. So I grabbed my little garden journal and set to work . . . inside.

I keep a little pocket-size journal just for my gardening adventures. I make lists of plants and other garden-related things I want to find or buy. I keep detailed chore lists. I take notes from garden seminars or webinars I attend. I make quick sketches. I keep track of receipts and due dates,  and collect random bits of this-and-that. And at this time of year, I start to record my experiences and evaluate the season just ending. At the end of the garden year, I make lists of . . .

  • what worked
  • what didn’t
  • what I need to remember to do next spring
  • which plants I want more of next season

It’s a really good exercise, and I highly recommend it for even the most casual gardener. Even if you just plant a few containers, it’s a good idea to jot down what you planted and how things went. Collecting your thoughts at the end of the season really helps you hit the ground running come spring!

So. Today I enjoyed sitting inside (nice and dry) . . . where I could still get a good view of my garden . . . and jot down the start of my notes as this garden season ends . . . to help me get a head start for next year.

And – just sayin here – for next year? If you hear me say ANYthing about, oh . . . maybe that I don’t really need to add mulch? PLEASE. Please. Remind me in the comments (loudly and aggressively) that I DEFINITELY need mulch. Without a doubt.


How about you? Do you keep a garden journal? Or do you just wing it every year thankyouverymuch.


Just a reminder. Last year, I did a 4-week “Deep Dive” into Fall Gardening. I meant to have all of those posts transferred here to the new blog by now, but . . . it hasn’t happened. (First, it takes a lot longer than I thought it would to transfer detailed posts with lots of photos. And, second . . . covid.) Anyway. You can find my Fall Gardening posts here, should you be interested. (The posts are full of helpful information and links.)