I’ve got no exciting knitting or stitching projects to share today. (I’m still just puttering away with that bright pink second sleeve). So let’s talk about making . . . things to eat instead.

How about . . . some last minute harvesting from the garden?

Over the weekend we had some freeze warnings here in my corner of the world, which is always my big, motivating push to get things OUT of my garden . . . and into my freezer!

My harvest always looks so . . . measly . . . once it’s all compacted and ready for freezer-action! But these herbs – parsley, chives, thyme, and rosemary – actually resulted from quite a big harvest (PILES of fresh herbs). And it will be great to have them on hand in the freezer once I can’t pick them fresh from my garden anymore. I generally find my frozen herbs last through February or so — and it really beats having to pick up those wasteful (expensive) little containers of fresh herbs from the grocery store.

If you’ve still got some herbs hanging on out there in your garden . . . and you’re not in the mood to dry them (I’m never in the mood to dry them) . . . here’s a great how-to article from garden expert Margaret Roach on how to freeze parsley, chives, and other herbs.

And great to have on hand come winter.


How about you? What are you making this week?