These days, my garden has a definite . . . growing tired . . . kind of look. But there are still plenty of blooms, lots of color, a flurry of pollinator and bird action, and a certain end-of-season beauty.

I love my garden in the fall!




Want to know what these fall blooming beauties are?

In order of appearance: Ligularia dentata (Desdemona) (they love shade, by the way, and “volunteer” in lovely ways), Sedum Autumn Joy (bees and butterflies swarm to this one), Flame Grass (Miscanthus ) (so gorgeous in the sun; it loves sun, by the way), Anemone Roustissima (windflower) (these will grow anywhere and everywhere, so be warned – but they can be tamed and I think the trouble is worth it when they bloom in the fall), Hardy begonia (Begonia grandis) (I’ve never seen these in a nursery, they mostly get shared among gardeners, they naturalize and are beautiful in the fall), Fireworks Goldenrod (Solidago rugosa) (Goldenrod can be a real thug in the garden – but the pollinators LOVE it; Fireworks is slower to take over and – like the anemone – can be tamed; it’s gorgeous with asters) (which was my plan, but I apparently can’t have asters . . . because I also have a rabbit problem . . . )

Here’s to a lovely week for all of us!