Factual Situation #1:

We are very fortunate to have an underground irrigation system at our house. I set it up, and it just works. (For the most part this is true, at least.)


It doesn’t work very well for my garden beds. Which are (ahem) rather extensive.

Which means . . . even though I have an underground irrigation system, I still drag hoses around to water my garden beds.

Factual Situation #2:

I like to spend money on plants. I willingly spend money on high-quality garden tools. I will splurge on the just-right wind chime.


I don’t like to spend money on garden things that work perfectly well.

Things like . . . Hoses. Sprinklers. Hose winders.

Which means . . . I get grumpy whenever I need to water my garden beds and end up fighting with creaky old hose reels that fall over (for example). Or coiling hoses that do not uncoil. And kink, besides. And managing multiple hoses and multiple hose reels in a patched-together mess.


This year, I was determined to upgrade (what I call) The Hose Situation!
And last weekend, friends . . . Tom helped me do just that.


A quick trip to Lowe’s.
Assembly by Tom.
(Which did require transplanting a flowering shrub, but hey.)

Et . . . voilá!

I now have a beautiful and absolutely functional new 100′ hose . . . housed in a beautiful and absolutely (beyond my wildest dreams) hose “house” (that winds that hose up just like a bobbin). No more fighting. No more creaking. No more falling over. And a hose that reaches all of the beds I need to water in the back . . . with just one hose!

I am in garden-tender heaven, I tell ya!
(Now . . . maybe someday . . . perhaps I’ll replace my little sprinkler. Y’know . . . the one I’ve had since 1988?) (It still does the job. And it doesn’t make me swear when I use it. So probably not yet . . .)


We tried to give our old hose and creaky, falling-over hose reel/winder away for free.
No takers.

PS – I’m off now for a few days. See you next Tuesday. I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!