New week. New month.
Here we are . . .  the first Monday in August. That means it’s time for me to . . .

Those . . .
are the words I wrote several days ago.
As I was preparing this blog post.
That was supposed to go up yesterday.

But didn’t.

For many reasons that I won’t go into here, I’ve been having One Of Those Days . . . for a number of days in a row. Y’know . . . those days where nothing feels right and nothing goes quite right and the Not Sleeping and the darkest-of-dark-thoughts seep out of your brain and into your consciousness and the Feeling Sorry For Yourself all . . . pile up.

And then your blog breaks.

So. I’ve decided a quiet interlude is in order while I pick up the pieces again.

Now I’m sitting here . . . in this lovely, quiet corner of the world.

And later on, I’ll be sitting on my dock. Doing nothing except reading and thinking and maybe knitting and . . . starting my own damn engine.

It’s August!
Start Your Engines!
(But . . . this month you’re on your own, I’m afraid.)


PS . . . Don’t be alarmed. I get this way sometimes. And I’m feeling better now than I was on Sunday. I’ll probably even be back tomorrow . . . because I finished something and I want to show you.


Edited to add . . . So. I mentioned that my blog broke over the weekend. And it did. Now that it’s fixed, it is, unfortunately, wanting me to approve all of the comments again. So. If your comment does not show up immediately, please know I’ll approve your comments as soon as I see them. (Which might be a minute, because . . . I’m sitting down on the dock and I don’t have wifi there.) Sorry for the hassles . . .