Didn’t I just knit a Shakerag Skirt???
Why, yes. Yes I did.

But . . . I have always wanted to knit a Shakerag Top, too. Ever since the pattern first appeared in the MDK Field Guide 6, which came out way back in 2018.

So. I decided to stick with a good thing (the Shakerag theme). . . and make one! Y’know . . . just roll with it, baby!


This was like . . . the fastest sweater I’ve ever knit (about 2 weeks, total). It was so fast I never even blogged about it! And I really love it! I have been considering making another one, actually. Although I’ll probably hold off until next year.

And you know what I discovered?

The Shakerag Top . . . looks great with the Shakerag Skirt!


Thinking in math terms . . .

Shakerag (Skirt + Top) = WINNER!

If you click here (in my Field Notes), you can read the “tech specs” (details) — and see a few more photos!


How about YOU? What are you making this week?