Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know it’s not officially summer until the solstice on June 21. But it’s June. It’s hot. I declare it . . . SUMMER.

So let’s get this party started . . . with music.

Yesterday, I heard this song . . .


As soon as I heard those opening chords, I was immediately transported . . . right back to the summer of 1975. Laying on a beach towel on the tiny patio slab in the backyard . . . slathered in Bain de Soleil (for the St. Tropez tan) . . . listening to the radio (Denver’s KIMN) . . .  absorbed in a paperback . . . killing time until swim practice . . . and then my shift at the Dairy Queen . . . missing my best friend, Kristi, who had moved to Colorado at the end of the school year . . . the endless summer laid out before me.

Music can really take you back!

So here’s the plan: Let’s put together a summer soundtrack. Let’s build a summer playlist together!

Let me know in the comments which songs scream SUMMER to you; which songs take you right back to summer memories. Share a story, too, if you’d like. I’ll build a summer playlist based on your suggestions, and then I’ll share it with you all.

Let’s build some Summer Vibes . . . beginning with music!


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