At the beginning of the month, I invited you to help me build a summer playlist. And, boy! Did you ever come through! Y’all gave me some really, really great song suggestions — and often entire album suggestions — for the first ever Dancing At the Edge playlist.

So. Here it is, ready for your summer listening!


A couple of notes about the playlist:

  • I didn’t consider the playback order of songs as I built the playlist, and decided not to go back and edit the entire list after the fact. (Lazy.) So I highly recommend choosing the “scramble songs” option before playing . . . for better and more interesting effect.
  • Some of you suggested entire albums or “anything from the Beach Boys” (for example). In those cases, I chose just one song from the album (or the Beach Boys) to include in the playlist.
  • I tried my best to include the specific artists and specific songs you suggested. There are a couple of substitutions in there, but please know I tried to be true to your wishes.
  • The songs came from your comments and private emails and messages through last weekend. If you have any last-minute additions to the playlist, let me know and I’ll make adjustments. (Playlists are . . . organic. They can change over time.)

My thanks to the following Dancing At the Edge readers (and a few of their significant others) plus my own family for contributing their favorite summer songs to this playlist: Kat, Sue, Diane, Carole (and Dale), Dee, Debbie, Vicki, Kim in Oregon, Patty, Julia, Karel, Sarah, Vera (and Fletch), Linda, Kathy, Margene, Mary, Tom, Erin, and Brian.

Enjoy listening to this happy mix of summer music!