It’s mid-April, and I offer this R-E-P-O-R-T.
At mid-month I’m . . .


R . . . enewing.

We’ve had some surprisingly lovely weather (for the most part), so we got out the patio furniture and the grill so we could renew our evenings-on-the-patio ritual. Of course, then it rained for 30 hours straight and got super windy, but still. It’s always lovely to spend more time outside.

E . . . yeing.

My eye is completely healed, and I am all set with a new pair of eyeglasses. I like these a lot better than my previous pair (my “backup” glasses) (which are fine and do the job . . . but I just don’t like ’em). My new glasses are comfortable, and just seem to suit me better. So far, I’m not missing my contacts at all.


P . . . reparing.

Healthy meals packed with protein. Like the couscous and chick pea combo above. (Recipe here if you’re interested; gift link.)

O . . . bserving.

Oof. We had a huge windstorm over the weekend . . . and it knocked down a section of our back fence! I watched it happen from my upstairs window. . . which was impressive to say the least. It’s an old fence (put in when the house was built 36 years ago), and the wood in that section has been “punky” for several years. (Living on borrowed time, so to speak. . . ) Tom has rigged a temporary fencing “situation” to keep JoJo in and (cross your fingers) the deer out. And we’ve already got the repair work lined up for next week. But, sheesh. It’s always something!


R . . . elishing.

It’s been a month now since my trip to California to visit Erin and Keith. In all the hub-bub of getting back and settling in and then . . . my eye . . . well, I never reported back. Here’s the scoop: I had a great trip, and I am still relishing my memories! It was a total whirlwind . . . with a trip to a very posh San Jose day spa with Erin, a comprehensive tour of the Google campus in Mountain View, a sampling of excellent food options at Bay Area restaurants, a successful “escape” from the coolest escape room I’ve seen yet (and I have seen many of them), and wines from California wine country. (No wonder I was so exhausted when I got back home.) It was so much fun – and a great adventure. (And the Google campus? It is kind of like tech-Disneyland . . . ) (The photo at the top of this post is a very cool sculpture on the main Google campus. And the one at the bottom is me on a Google bike. The ones directly above are Erin’s building and Erin in one of the MANY on-site cafeterias.)

T . . . idying.

Work continues apace in the garden. I really can’t believe how far ahead of “normal” we are, garden-wise, this year. Often, I am still waiting for snow to melt at this point. And here I am, already clearing garden beds and laying down mulch! It was like we didn’t have winter this year. (We really didn’t . . . ) So I’m trying to just roll with it — enjoying what’s emerging and not letting myself get too worked up about getting everything “done.” Or, of course, the climate.


That’s it for me. How about you?
What’s going on for you . . . at mid-month?