Earlier this week, I was cleaning up my little herb garden after the winter . . . and found a surprise.

I’m not talking about the “surprise” garden stone, although it actually does kinda surprise me every season when I uncover it again. (I made that the year my One Little Word was surprise, by the way.) And it wasn’t finding a tennis ball under my chives. (I’m always finding random dog toys in unexpected places in the garden.)

What I was surprised about . . . was how many of my herbs from last season made it through the winter —  and look ready for another season! That just never happens. It’s a huge indicator of just how unusally mild our winter was this year!

I mean, the chives are perennials, so they do come up again every year. (Although they’re not usually as lush and full – and ready to blossom – at this point in the garden year. So that IS a surprise.) And parsley is a biennial plant, and mine is in its second year . . . so that’s not a surprise either, really. (The fact that the rabbits haven’t eaten it to the stems yet is rather surprising, though.) But for the first time in my personal herb gardening history here in Michigan, I have rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme that all (seemingly) made it through the winter!

I’m going to keep a close eye on these . . . stragglers . . . from last season, watching how they grow this spring. Maybe I’ll replace them with fresh plants. But maybe I won’t.

And it’s sure nice to have useable herbs this early in the season! Surprise!


How about you? Any surprises in your garden this year?