We’re up north for these last few days of Erin’s Michigan visit, so I decided to welcome the summer solstice in style . . . down at the lake, watching the sunrise.

I grabbed my coffee and headed down to the lake just before 6:00 am — sunrise was at 6:01 am here this morning, so it wasn’t dark, exactly. But it usually takes the sun another 20 minutes or so after its official rise before it makes it over the treeline at the lake, and that’s what I really wanted to see. So I sat and I sipped and I waited.

It was so peaceful out there this morning. The fish were rising. The dragonflies were buzzing around. I could hear crickets and frogs and birds. The water was still . . . like a mirror. There wasn’t a fishing boat or kayak in sight.

And then . . . there it was!
The sun.
Peeking over the trees on this solstice morning!

It was a glorious way to welcome the solstice!

5 stars!
Highly recommend!

Wondering what my “soundtrack” was this morning?
(Because it was pretty amazing!)
Check this out . . .



These are screenshots of sound recordings I made of the birds this morning at various time intervals. If you haven’t tried the totally free and completely fabulous Merlin app to sound-identify the birds around you yet, I highly recommend it. (I’ve been meaning to do an actual blog post about how we use Merlin to identify birds wherever we go . . . but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.)

Happy summer solstice, everyone.
Good day sunshine!

“May love surround you like sunshine on a sunny day.”
— William Shakespeare