Let’s talk about . . . getting up from the floor.

Last month, I challenged you to spend some time – every day – down on the floor. This month, I’m going to start off by reviewing why “floor time” is so important, and then I’m going to take it a step further . . . to focus on getting you back to standing position once you’ve gotten down there on the floor.

So, why is it so important to spend time every day sitting on the floor? Especially when it’s so much more . . . comfortable and convenient to plop down on the couch or in a chair?

There’s your problem!

Our bodies are built . . . to move! They operate best when we shift our positions frequently — and on various levels (sitting on the floor, squatting on the ground, standing up, etc.). When our bodies adapt to the sitting-in-a-chair-all-the-time position, those desirable and natural body movements, along with our ability to shift around comfortably in space . . . stops. Our bodies compensate for that lack of variety in movement — and not always in beneficial ways.

So there’s that. But there’s also another very important reason to get down on the floor – and especially as we age. Getting down on the floor every day . . . helps us become proficient at getting back up! Like every other kind of movement or “exercise,” the more we practice, the easier it becomes to do it!

Basically, when we’re able to sit down on the ground and then get back up again with ease, it reflects our all-around health. As fitness authors Kelly Starrett and Juliet Starrett put it (in this TIME magazine article from last month):

The upshot: Being able to rise with ease is a sign that you will be a) less likely to have a debilitating fall, and b) in better all-around health. You may not be worrying about falling (though, truthfully, anyone can fall at any age, so don’t discount the value of being able to get up), but the ability to easily sit and rise reflects your well-being. If you can move in all the ways that allow you to get up and down with little or no support, then your body is stable, supple, and efficient. That is, it has qualities that will help you avoid pain, feel more vibrant, and participate in all the activities you love to do. That is something people of all ages can aspire to.
— Kelly Starrett and Juliet Starrett, TIME Magazine

(My incredibly comfortable “home office” . . . right on the floor. Not bad at all.)

So. Here’s my challenge to you . . .

Now that you’re sitting on the floor every day, let’s get you back up in standing position! Become proficient at getting up from the floor by practicing every day.

I’m not going to personally “demo” the various techniques and strategies for getting up off the floor (although I will tell you I practice many of these techniques every day as part of my “Every Damn Day” fitness routine). Instead, I’m going to provide some great links for you to check out, with trained professionals doing the demos and the explaining.

From IDEA Health & Fitness Association – This article goes into a lot of detail about why ground-to-standing (or what they call G2S) exercises are so important for folks as they age. It’s interesting information, to be sure, but the real “meat” of the article comes at the end with five short videos demonstrating 5 ground-to-standing exercises you can start practicing today. (Scroll down to the end of the article for the exercises.)

From Wendy at ReclaimMovement – In the following short You Tube video (just under 8 minutes), Wendy demonstrates the cross-sit pivot get up technique. I really like Wendy’s movement videos – she has a whole You Tube series on various natural body movements, as well as for-pay online movement courses. (I have never taken any of her courses, but I have watched many of her videos.) I really like this video because she goes through each step and progression of this “get-up” technique from both sides of her body – and slowly.


From Petra Fisher Movement – In this Instagram video, Petra demonstrates a different “get-up” technique, and includes ways to modify the movement while you’re getting the hang of things/building strength. Petra provides excellent movement techniques, classes, and information via her website, blog, and Instagram account. (I have taken two of her courses and highly recommend her products; more on that another month.) (NOTE: You will need to have an Instagram account to access this particular video link.)


Okay. Now if you’ve taken a look at these videos and are just saying . . . Yeah. No. Not happening. Thanks. Well, I get that. Maybe you need to build a little strength first. Don’t give up! Begin here . . .

From Silver Sneakers – In the following short You Tube video, you’ll see a demo of four exercises to help build strength to help you get up off the floor. This is a great place to start if you need to build strength before trying the various “get-up” techniques.


From LIVESTRONGThis article explains and demonstrates 4 more exercises that will help build the strength you need to get up from the floor. There are video demos for each of the exercises. (I will tell you that the exercises and demos are great — but the LIVESTRONG site does not provide a great “user experience.” There are a lot of distractions on the site — pop-ups and additional links. Just so you know.)


Try it!
See what happens!


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