(Because I gotta.)

KC? The Sunshine Band? You ready?
Hit it!


I finished my Shakerag Skirt . . . weeks ago. Back in June. And I’ve been wearing the heck (“shaking my booty” so to speak) out of it ever since. This skirt is, indeed, “the new sweatpants!”

Shake shake shake . . . 

Shake shake shake . . . 

Shake your booty! Shake your booty!

If you’ve been thinking this skirt . . . sounds too good to be true . . . I’m here to tell you it’s the Real Deal!  It’s fun and relatively quick to knit. The suggested yarn (Rowan Creative Linen) is a dream to knit with — and to wear. It’s easy to fit. And . . . it doesn’t sag in the (ahem) booty . . . even after days of wear. It’s machine washable. If you think you’re not a “skirt person” . . . this skirt might make you a “skirt person.”  As KC says (over and over and over) . . .

Everybody, get on the floor, let’s danceDon’t fight the feeling, give yourself a chance
Shake shake shake, shake shake shakeShake your booty, shake your booty

You can find more photos and all the details in my field notes, along with a Ravelry link. (Eventually.) (I’m up north right now and struggling to load photos with my slow wifi, so if the link isn’t live . . . you’ll need to try back later. Sorry.)