Let’s talk about . . . things not going to plan. And then a bit about squatting.

This is not the Monthly Fitness Plan I originally had in mind for August.
It’s not the one on my planning schedule.
It’s not the one I researched.
It’s not the draft I’ve already started writing.

Because things don’t always go to plan.

It’s summer. I’ve had a busy month. I’ve gotten so far off my “usual” schedule of doing . . . anything . . . that I can’t really remember what my “usual” schedule looks like anymore. Even working-on-my-fitness looks off-kilter for me right now. (And if you know me, you know that my working-on-my-fitness is sacred; it is my “constant,” and the very last thing I lose control of.)

So. Maybe you, too?

I mean, our intentions are always good. We WANT to be fit. We WANT to keep moving. We WANT to be strong. But, dang! Sometimes life just gets in the way.

So. Here’s my challenge to you . . .

Just begin again!

It’s not too late. It doesn’t matter if you took a little time off. Quit feeling bad about it. And figure out how to get started again.

(Me. Beginning again this week.)

So. Make a new plan for yourself. Get out for a short walk. Pick up some dumbbells. Or your jump rope. Get down on the ground. Do some stretches. Or a little yoga. Just . . . move!

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”
—Alan Cohen

And here’s an idea for you to plug into your new plan.  One of my favorite online movement “coaches” (Petra Fischer) is hosting Squat-tember — a month-long squat challenge. Before you start rolling your eyes and laughing hysterically, hear me out! Squat-tember is designed to teach you modified ways of squatting that are appropriate for YOUR body right now (no matter where your body “is”). Petra will explain why squatting is so important for your body, and then she’ll teach you to – safely and gently – build a more functional, deeper squat (no matter what keeps you from squatting right now). Then she’ll challenge you to complete ONE (yeah, just one) modified squat every day. (And, really. Who doesn’t have time for ONE squat?)

It’s free.
She’s good.
And . . . squats are awesome (said the arthritic 64-year-old with one really damaged knee who can now – comfortably – do deep squats)!

Read more about Petra’s Squat-tember challenge here – and sign up. (The challenge begins August 31.)

So . . . begin again.
Re-charge your fitness goals and make a plan to move again.
And maybe sign up for Squat-tember while you’re at it.


Try it!
See what happens!


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