Okay. So not only is this the last Fitness Challenge post for 2023 (delayed due to that advent calendar-ing), it is also the last Fitness Challenge post . . . ever. Because I’ve decided to be done with the fitness challenge. Not with fitness itself, of course. But with the challenging-you part of it.  I’ll still write about fitness now and then I’m sure, and I’ll probably pass along a tip or two from time to time. I’m just finished with the monthly challenge aspect.

Except for this one . . . last . . . little . . . challenge (of course). And it’s a simple one.

Keep moving! 

I know that a lot of people have big issues with “exercise” (not only the doing it, but even with the very word “exercise” itself). I’m afraid too many people associate “exercise” with “weight-loss.” Or they think that “exercise” needs to be painful and time-consuming if it’s going to “count.” Or the very thought of “exercise” brings up horrible gym class baggage. Or whatever. But these negative associations mean that many people choose to . . . not engage with “exercise” at all. (And, of course, the not engaging with it – but understanding that one “should” – brings on the guilt.)

With my fitness challenges, I’ve tried to shift those “exercise” associations: away from weight-loss and baggage and pain, for example, and toward a more holistic embrace of “exercise” and fitness . . . for LIFE. After all, “exercise” is really . . . front line care for your mental health and mood. It’s a way to combat what’s happening to our bodies as we get older. It’s an opportunity to cultivate a new routine and healthy habits. Bottom line, “exercise” is our best tool for living longer, moving well, and feeling healthier and good about ourselves. I’ve been hoping to help you . . . engage with “exercise” a little more freely, and maybe with some joy.

So I hope you will. Engage with “exercise, ” I mean.  Freely and joyfully.

Do it for YOU. 
Keep moving!
See what happens.


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#4 – Walk 10 minutes every day

#3 – Discover how active you really are

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