At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a post about . . . planning for the summer. In that post (which had nothing to do with my word, by the way), I revealed that I had “no real plans” for the summer that was – at that time – just beginning. In fact, I explained that I was going to make this summer my “summer of Zen” . . . where I could just let eveything unspool as it would. And I planned to enjoy having no specific plans.

Now that we’re here on the other end of that summer, I can tell you . . . that’s just how my summer ended up. Pretty Zen-ish, actually. I mean, I did stuff. But for the most part, it was pretty chill. (And that doesn’t happen very often, y’know? So I am embracing that.)

I think part of the reason it stayed so . . .  Zen-ish . . . is because I let a lot of things go. A LOT of things. I didn’t have a “summer bucket list.” I didn’t set out any goals. I didn’t plan my knitting. Or my reading. I grew comfortable with a deader lawn and more weeds. I just . . . kinda went where the spirit took me.

I guess you could say I gave myself a whole lotta . . .  space. And it’s been good. The summer. The Zen. The space.

But you know what?

I’m ready to make space for a little more structure in my life . . . now that summer is nearly over and fall is looming just around the corner.

I’m ready to add a few things back.

Will I just start adding back all the . . . stuff . . . I cleared from my life back in June? Oh, god no. I’m going to carefully and thoughtfully make space for only those things I really want to add into my life.

That Zen thing? It felt pretty good, y’know?
I want to keep that.

But I also want a little bit more . . . of this and that.
I guess you might call that . . . claiming my space.
And I’m here for it

“Where you spend your attention is where you spend your life.
— James Clear