Let’s talk about . . . being consistent with our fitness.

Every month, I go on and on about how beneficial fitness is for us — and especially as we age. It’s good for our hearts. It’s good for our bones. It’s good for our brains. It’s good for our moods. It’s good. It’s good. It’s good. Yada. Yada. Yada.


I know how hard it is to get up and move – consistently – every day. I know it’s that “consistent” part of things that is most challenging. The getting up. The getting out the door. The starting.

So. Here’s my challenge to you . . .

Get up. Get out. Walk for 10 minutes (on purpose; like you’re late for something) . . . every day for a week.

Just for 10 mintues.
(And you can do almost anything for 10 minutes.)

You don’t need special workout clothes. You don’t need special shoes. You don’t need any equipment at all. Just get up. Get out. And walk for 10 minutes. Listen to the birds. Feel the sun on your face. Breathe in the fresh air. Get your heart pumping just a little. You’ll feel better! Maybe . . . your 10 minutes will stretch into more than 10 minutes some days. Or maybe not. The most important thing here?
Just get up.
Get out.
Every day.

(And then what? After the 7 days? Well. I hope you will have discovered that . . . daily movement isn’t so hard to manage after all. That you’ll have found it easy to do. And satisfying. And that – maybe – you’ll be able to continue beyond 7 days. After all . . . 10 minutes a day isn’t much. But it adds up to . . . 70 minutes a week. Y’know?)

Try it!
See what happens!


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