Yes. It’s February. And while I did get to enjoy 2 whole hours of sunlight yesterday morning (trust me, we don’t get a lot of sunshine in Michigan during the winter), the best thing about February . . . is that it’s Not January. So it’s a little better — but not a lot better.

February . . . is still winter.
February . . . is still a slog.

And no matter that this has been an extremely mild winter (except for those two sub-zero and very snowy weeks last month), “dependable spring” . . . is still a long way off here.

So it’s time for some February pick-me-ups to help us get through this (short, but not as short as usual) month.

Yesterday, I got out my (very meager) collection of Valentine decorations (a few hearts and some candles), and put them up where they can add some cheer. I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, but I do like little hearts — and reds and pinks always add a nice bit of zing to otherwise dreary winter days.

I also got out my red eyeglasses (they’re just cheaters) and my red earrings — all ready for some February accessorizing.

It’s not much, but these little pops of red and pink can go a long way when you need a quick mid-winter pick-me-up!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!
And . . . send some juju my way won’t you? I, um . . . (you’re not going to believe this) need to get to the dentist today. One of my crowns popped off last night! (I did find it, though, so there is that.)