Hoo boy. I’ve kinda been on a bit of a (knitting) bender for the last couple of weeks . . .

It happens.
I find some little . . . thing . . . that I like to knit, and then I can’t seem to stop myself.

This time, it was the Sinkmates Suite collection of dishcloths. I picked a palette of colors . . . and then I just kept knitting various combinations . . . until I ended up with a new stack of dishcloths.



If you click here (the link will whisk you over to my Field Notes for this project), you can read the “tech specs” (details) — and see a few more photos.

And just FYI . . . y’know what made me finally end my dishcloth bender?
Why . . . a whole new kind of bender!
Stay tuned . . .


How about YOU? What are you making this week?