Every summer, Rebecca Ringquist at Dropcloth Samplers offers a little summer stitch-a-long project. I don’t always do the stitch-a-longs (although I did this one a couple of years ago; great fun), but I do always love the charm and whimsy of Rebecca’s samplers. There are no actual “directions” or instructions or even color charts. It’s very . . . freeing. Kind of like . . . coloring in a color book . . . only with embroidery floss! All of the finished samplers look different — and all of them look fabulous!

I’m close to being finished with this year’s summer stitch-a-long . . .


It’s called Tea and Tomatoes. (I’m planning to turn it into a needle book when I’m finished.)

Lots of fun! And my latest obsession.


How about you? What are you making this week?


EDITED TO ADD . . . My little green “tackle box” is a Toyo Steel T-190 Metal Storage Box. I got mine a while ago from Snuggly Monkey (here’s a link), and it is perfect for my stitching projects. It’s a great size, very handy, it’s incredibly well made, and it’s super cute. Pricey, though. Definitely a splurge, but something I’ll use forever. (I wanted the speckled one, but opted for the cheaper, plain color version. . . )