Lately, I’ve been doing quite a lot of . . . weaving.

Not real weaving. Like on a loom. But weaving in my head. Which is weaving all the same.
Weaving . . . a life.

This month, I’ve been working on some mixed media collages (heavy emphasis on the mixed), which are really and actually just . . . the weaving together of disparate pieces of ephemera I’ve collected with other little this-and-thats I’ve created. And, really, isn’t that just a symbol of weaving together a life? Bringing together all the disparate threads and fibers of our selves . . . into some piece of finished something?

I have a quote from Austin Kleon up on the bulletin board I keep over my desk. It says  . . .

You are, in fact, a mashup of all you let into your life.

That quote has been there for quite a while now. Quietly inspiring me. But never really connecting with “weave” for me . . . until this month.

Weave your life.
Mash it together.
Follow the thread.
Tell your story.

It’s kind of beginning to come together for me.


If you’d like to see more of my collage (because there is more to it than what I’ve shown here), you can click here for my Field Notes and photos.