Welcome to the Summer Vibes Scavenget Hunt . . . July Edition!

Your challenge this summer is to find or do or experience 30 items on the Summer Vibes Scavenger Hunt list. Click here to read all about it and review the rules and particulars.

The second ten items on the list:

  1. Enjoy a sunrise . . . or a sunset.
  2. Try a new-to-you flavor of ice cream.
  3. Take a dip.
  4. Spend some time outside with an animal.
  5. Wear a fun summer hat.
  6. Watch a parade.
  7. Go to a summer concert.
  8. Take a road trip.
  9. Send a postcard.
  10. Bring some flowers inside.

The game is afoot!


You can still get points/credit for doing any of the items on the June list (y’know . . . in case you forgot or got a late start or maybe just hadn’t gotten around to riding on an unconventional vehicle quite yet). AND . . . if you did some of the items on the July list back in June, well . . . that’s absolutely allowed. This is all about . . . enjoying some Summer Vibes . . . whatever month that happens.

The items on the list are all open to your interpretation. That’s part of the fun! There are many ways to enjoy summer, and I’m hoping these lists will help spur your imaginations and spark some creative responses.

To play along, just send me an email letting me know which items you “did” this month. Include a story or a photo for bonus points. Creativity will earn you bonus points. Have fun!

Be sure to check out the post with the June Scavenger Hunt winners! It’s out today, too, and you can find it here!