I am not up north right now, but I have been there a lot lately. It’s been surprisingly chilly at the lake this year. With a lot of rain. (Let me say that again, with emphasis . . . A LOT of rain.) But one day last week, it was warm-ISH, and the sun came out. It was nice to sit near the water and just . . . be there with it.


I had plans for my blog posts this week. Things I wanted to share with you. Things I wanted to tell you about.  Funny things. Life things. But then. Well. Like (probably) many of you . . . I got buried under a bunch of crap that seems to be The Norm these days. It dragged me down. Far and deep. And my blog just seemed . . . trite and meaningless and very far away.

So I spent yesterday avoiding my computer – and the news – while paying bills and organizing my desk and trying not to think about all the things that were determined to worm their way into my brain. I worked hard to remember that even though I am terrified and pissed off and absolutely stymied that we are where we are . . . I also know that I – by myself and on my own – can’t do anything about any of this.

Other than . . .

  1. Voting.
  2. And encouraging others to vote.
  3. And occasionally seeking factual, non-inflammatory sources of information.
  4. And . . . poetry. (Because, for me, it always comes down to poetry.) (With maybe a glass of wine on the side.)

I needed this . . . and maybe you do, too?


So . . . breathe.

Hang in there with me now, friends.

Just. Keep. Breathing.

And be free . . .