Let’s just begin with this: I have not been knitting much lately.

But not much.
It’s not like I’ve needed to UNravel or anything. It’s just that I haven’t . . . raveled much to begin with.


First, the progress.

It’s looking more . . . skirt-like. (Although not when JoJo is in the frame. The distortion of that photo makes it look like a doll’s skirt. Trust me. It is not.) I’ve actually reached the trying-on point, and things are looking good! Just a few more inches to go . . . and I’ll be “Shakerraging” my (ahem) . . . skirt . . . for the rest of the summer.

Now, for the excuses.

We’ve been busy making OTHER things.

Erin loves to bake. She is a very adventurous baker, and tries all kinds of exotic baking concoctions at home (in her very tiny apartment kitchen) in California. But she was eager to use her time (and my larger kitchen space) to expand her baking repertoire during her visit here. Besides . . . it’s fun for us to play around together in the kitchen.

She started with cherry pie. Although she’d never made a pie crust before, she jumped right in and turned out a gorgeous, flakey crust. (Thanks again, Melissa Clark . . . my pie crust guru!) The pie was divine.


              Then . . . she moved on to croissants! (If you’re going to go big, you might as well go for laminated dough, y’know?)  I have only made croissants once before — as part of a bake-at-home class I did with my sister back in those bleak days of early 2021. It was fun to try them again with Erin. (This batch turned out much better. I did learn – and remember – a few things.) We spread the project over two days (there are many steps – and a lot of waiting around – when you’re making croissants). Again, beautiful results and such a treat!



I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for our next baking trick. . . but I think it might involve lemon curd.
(I really hope my skirt will still fit. . . )