Welcome to . . . Read With Us Discussion Day

Bonny and Carole and I are posting discussion question(s) today for our latest RWU book . . . Trespasses by Louise Kennedy. Join the discussion (which you’re welcome do even if you didn’t read the book) by commenting on our blogs.  I’ll be answering your posts within the comment section for this discussion — and you can comment on other people’s comments, as well. Y’know . . . like in a real book group.

Let’s begin!

First . . . I’d really like to know what you thought of the book. What did you like best (or least) about Trespasses(And if you’ve already answered this question over on Carole’s blog today, feel free to just ignore it here.)

Second . . . The main character, Cushla, crosses boundaries into areas that were clearly marked “off limits” over the course of the novel (you might say she . . . “trespasses”). Many of these boundaries involve her relationship with Michael, which crosses not only religious boundaries but also age, class, and education as well. How do these boundaries affect the balance of power in the affair and its ultimate fate? What does the novel seem to be saying about the relationship between personal relationships and their broader social and political context?

Similarly, Cushla’s relationship with with Davy’s family crosses different boundaries. What did you think of her attempts to help Davy’s family? What social and class tensions enter into this relationship as well, and how do they affect it?

I can’t wait to hear what you think!


Don’t forget: We’ll be discussing the book on Zoom tonight – 7:00 pm Eastern Time. There’s still time for you to join us! Just let me know of your interest either with a comment or by sending me an email (see sidebar, above) — and I’ll send a Zoom invitation.

PS – If you are planning to join us on the Zoom, but haven’t received an invitation from me (I sent them yesterday), please let me know so I can get the Zoom link to you today.