This post originally appeared on the blog Stepping Away From the Edge July 21, 2022.

Reality bites.

I’m thrilled that my exterior house “makeover” project is well-underway (at last!), but my-oh-my . . . my garden is taking a serious hit! I knew this would happen. Once you bring in a paint crew and some carpenters and ladders and more ladders and long hoses and power washers and . . . well. Plants are bound to be trampled. Whole hunks of container plants (which I thought had been moved out of the way, but not enough) are gonna break off. I hold my breath and try not to look. . .

(Also, I just want to say that our painting company? They are the most aware, cautious, and respectful-of-our property painting company I’ve ever seen. They are absolutely doing the best they can, and I’m pleased with the respect they’re giving my garden. Still. Ladders. Lots of ladders.)

So. I’ll not share any garden photos with you today.
Let’s talk . . . garden fashion instead.

woman wearing blue overalls leaning on garden bench

Ever since I completed my 2021 Quest for the Perfect Green Overalls (which I ended up sewing for myself), I have discovered that the VERY BEST thing to wear while gardening . . . is overalls. Comfort. Practicality. Pockets. Seriously, you can’t beat ’em. And while I was thinking about making another pair — hacking them into shorts overalls this time, I found the perfect, ready-made version . . . thanks to my (highly annoying but surprisingly right on the money) Instagram feed.

These overalls (the ones I’m wearing in my photo) are from Duluth Trading Company (here’s a link, and they’re on sale right now . . . just sayin). They’re lightweight. They have The Best Pockets. The shoulder straps are elastic. And I don’t have to unbutton everything (just one shoulder strap) when I need to use the bathroom.

print fabric with small illustrated gnomes

Besides . . . what gardener doesn’t want overalls with little gnomes on them, huh?

(And for those of you who don’t share my love of quirky gardening gear — like gnome overalls or “chicken boots” — they do come in solid colors, too.)

yellow garden boots with graphic chicken design

And that’s my tale from the garden this week!