As I mentioned last week, I’ve jumped on the knitted-skirts-are-the-new-sweatpants bandwagon and cast on for the Shakerag Skirt. (And if you’re wondering, that bright green strand of yarn? It’s how I keep track of my rows . . . It is not a “design feature.” )

I’m not usually a joiner-inner when it comes to knitting-alongs, but . . . this skirt is a no-brainer for me. I love to wear skirts in the summer, and this one is well-suited to my kind of summer wardrobe. And so far, the knitting is coming along fast enough that I may even get to wear it yet THIS summer. (We’ll see.)

My knitting time in the summer is fairly limited (because garden), but this all-stockinette-all-the-time knitting is moving along pretty quickly. (According to the amount of yarn I have left, I’m at the half-way point.) The big trick is gonna be . . . fit. I need to do some calculating to make some adjustments to the decreases as I move toward the waist. (Because waist? What waist???) But the pattern includes tips for adjusting for your size — and the pattern designer even offers her assistance if you can’t figure out how to make your skirt fit.

Anyway. I’m using the same yarn as Nell knit for the design. I thought about other options, but I really like the look of this yarn in the finished skirts — and it should be very wearable in warmer temperatures. It’s behaving nicely, it blocks beautifully, and the color is perfection (for me and my wardrobe).

The lace section is straightforward and “easy” to do. (I hesitate to use the word “easy” because one knitter’s “easy” can turn into another knitter’s “lace-from hell” very quickly, I know.) The toughest thing about the start of this skirt is that the rows are very, very long (as Kat mentioned, these are long-ass rows) (get it?).


I’m happy to have this . . .  steady freddy knitting . . . for my summer project!


What are you working on this summer?