I haven’t been knitting much lately, but when I do pick up the needles . . . I’ve been working on the lining for my flower-power cowl.

The pattern calls for a solid, all-one color “tube” knit of one of the contrast flower colors (the designer used bright green). Then that tube gets sewn inside the “outer” cowl for a lining. Instead of a solid color, I chose to mix things up. I’m using up bits of the leftover flower colors (rather than purchase an entire other skein for the lining). I’m just making it up as I go along (color-wise; I am following the directions for the cowl) by playing around with stripes.

I’m almost done now (I’ve knit quite a bit more since taking the photos in today’s post); maybe an inch to go.


Everyone in my house is happy with this knitting project. I’ll have a fun cowl all ready for next winter. Tom will end up with little bits of leftover yarn for tying his flies. And JoJo enjoys chasing after my little balls of yarn when they roll onto the floor. (You can see the big attraction in that photo above.) (And, yeah. She prefers the mini-tennis balls to the regular-sized tennis balls.) (She can fit more of them in her mouth at one time.)

I’ll tell you one thing, though. This is gonna be one WARM cowl! I’ll be snug as a bug in a rug next winter, that’s for sure.


How about you? What are you making this week?