Every year, my day-to-day life goes through two, big, seasonal shifts.

The first shift happens in May . . . as my garden roars back to life and our cabin up north beckons. Both of these things cause significant (but welcome) upheaval in my days. Because I simply can’t continue doing All The Things I “normally” do . . . AND take care of the garden . . . AND get away for time up north. 

Things shift.
Because they have to.

The second shift happens in September . . . when the garden begins to fade and our calendar starts to fill up with “regular” activities again. Those gardening chores are still there, of course, but the urgency lessens. And the things on the calendar? Well, they make it harder for us to get away up north. 

Things shift again.
Because they have to.

In May, I shift by letting things go.
In September, I shift by bringing them back.

It’s like . . . a shifting in the winds. The weather changes, life shifts.

I’m in the midst of that September shift.
(And suddenly, I’m craving butternut squash soup and sourdough bread!)


How about you? Feeling any seasonal shifts in your life?


The photos in today’s posts were inspired by Ali Edwards’ September One Little Word prompt . . . to capture our word in photographs.