Here I am, on the way to the airport last week . . . wearing my finished sweater.

And the sweater is (to quote P!nk) . . . F**kin’ Perfect.

While it was a bit warm for this particular sweater on that particular day, it was . . .  f**kin’ perfect for the airplane, where I always tend to be cold. And it was . . . f**kin’ perfect for the Bay Area in springtime, where the mornings and evenings are quite chilly . . . even if things heat up during the day. (I wore it every day.)

It is actually just . . . f**kin’ perfect for me in every way. Easy breezy layering (which is my basic style). Black (like 80% of my wardrobe). Dress-downable (think sweatshirt). Dress-upable (think funky with a skirt). Not fussy (at all).

I’m going to make another one.
But not immediately.

(I’m scrambling a bit right now, having just returned home from my trip. I will be adding the knitterly details and more photos to my Field Notes . . . eventually. In the meantime, it’s this sweater in this yarn. Without the pocket. Which was kinda awkward looking, truth be told.)


How about you? What are you making these days?