I have a . . . Thing . . . about shadows. All kinds of shadows, but mostly botanical-related shadows. When I notice them (and I notice them a lot), I usually try to “capture” them by taking a quick photo or two. I do this so often that I now have (a surprisingly big) collection of such photos; so many, in fact, that I’ve created a separate album on my phone to house all of my “shadow shots.”

I guess you could say . . . I collect shadows!

One morning earlier this week, I’d gone out back with JoJo, and I noticed some great shadows cast by the ferns on my patio. I couldn’t resist!


“The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say.”
 — Gregory Maguire

Enjoy the weekend, friends.
Look for shadows . . . and see what they might have to say to you.