Another Wednesday. Another post about . . . Not Knitting.

But y’know. Sometimes one just gets charmed by a project. Maybe a little obsessive. And . . . SHINY things.

Right now, I am ALL IN on these sweet little gingerbread house ornamements I’m making. The design comes from DropCloth Samplers, and it is a project that really hits all my craft-y buttons: stitching, attaching shiny things to my stitching, plenty of room for creative interpretation, and . . . gingerbread houses.

So I gathered up all my most fun embroidery thread and all the shiny things I have on hand . . . and created a Tray of Sparkle to “house” my frenzy. (Naturally, and despite my attempts at “wrangling,” there are sequins and glass beads all over the place anyway. . . )


Here’s where we are so far (and keep in mind that the camera doesn’t seem to pick up all the “shiny” and “sparkle” very well; plus it is so gloomy out these days). . .



And that barely-started one? It’s almost finished now — after last night’s frenzied stitching session. So imagine a lot of teal and orange-y red and gold . . . with added sparkle. (It’s just too dark to take a fresh photo this morning. . .)

After I finish the stitching/attaching shiny things part, I will cut the houses apart and create individual ornaments. I can’t wait.

These are So. Dang. Fun.
Knitting can wait.
(Can’t stop won’t stop. . . )


How about you? What are you working on this week?