In the It’s Always Something department . . . here I am . . . blinded by the light!

After a really miserable day on Monday . . . and an even worse Monday night . . . and an emergency visit to my ophthalmologist on Tuesday, I have been diagnosed with a corneal ulcer. And friends. . . that ain’t good.

But it’s early, it’s small, and it’s treatable. So good news all around for me. I’m just (seriously) blinded by the light right now. (Although getting better because I can stand to use my computer in short bursts. Like . . . 5 minutes.)

Which means . . . sunglasses inside. No reading (even white paper is too bright for me to look at), no knitting, no television, no scrolling. But I am catching up on my sleep. And improving enough to put together this post.

I’ll be back. But it might be hit-or-miss for awhile.

And this cool sculpture? You can find it in real life on the Google campus in Mountain View. I’ll tell you all about it . . . when I can look at my computer for longer than 5 minutes again.

She got down, but she never got tiredShe’s gonna make it through the nightShe’s gonna make it through the night

Bruce Springsteen, Blinded by the Light