Last week, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen fame, posted an Instagram story featuring a lovely tomato soup served with a perfectly grilled toasted cheese sandwich. And then the fireworks began! (You can see this now-saved story in her IG account . . . where it is titled “Sandwich Gate.”)

Sandwich Gate.

Because when Deb cut her perfectly grilled toasted cheese sandwich, she cut it . . . horizontally.
Yes! People Have Opinions!

(And, yeahI was following along as this highly entertaining situation unfolded last week. Because . . . what else are you going to do on like Day 25 of Covid quarantine???)

Anyway. Washington Post food reporter Emily Heil was even inspired to interview Deb Perelman and write an article about . . . Sandwich Gate. (You can click in to the link to read the article for the next 10 days – even if you aren’t a WaPo subscriber.)

As for me, I fall into the Don’t Understand the Uproar camp. Sometimes I cut sandwiches vertically. Sometimes I cut sandwiches diagonally. For me, it kinda depends on what TYPE of sandwich I’ve got. (PBJ, usually vertical. Grilled cheese, usually diagonal. Avocado toast? It depends how the bread is loaded.) But I can say that I’ve honestly never cut a sandwich horizontally. But . . . I don’t really have strong feelings. Deb’s IG story was not a “needle scratch” moment for me, as it was for hundreds (thousands?) of others.

But now . . . I’m curious.
What do YOU think?

Let’s say you’ve just made a tasty sandwich.
How do you slice it?

Do you slice it . . .

  • A – With a vertical slice
  • B – With a diagonal slice
  • C – With a horizontal slice
  • Or maybe . . . None of the Above?

I’d also love to know if your preference is a strong one. Is it like . . . a deal-breaker for you? If you watched Deb Perelman slice her sandwich horizontally, was it a needle-scratch moment for you?

I can’t wait to hear what you think!