At this point in the season, you might be asking me . . . So. How’s that black slog-of-a-pullover coming along, huh? And I’d have to admit that, well. It’s coming along. A bit slowly. With some focus and determination, though, I could still probably crank it out by the end of the month.

But. I probably won’t.

Last Sunday, I blocked the front and back . . . so now I’m ready to join the shoulder seams and begin knitting the sleeves. In the meantime, and while the sweater pieces were drying on the blocking board, I cast on for the first of these sweet little mitts . . .

(You can see the black sweater pieces there in the background.) (Also . . . that mohair in the mitts is the KSH I held back for “something else” when I bagged up the Disappointing Shawl I blogged about last month.)

I had only planned to just get the mitt started so I had something to knit while the sweater pieces dried on the blocking board. You know how that goes. . .

But . . . it was awfully fun to knit. The pattern is lovely. And, oh . . . that mohair halo is divine! (These mitts will be so luxurious.)

I kept going, even though the sweater pieces were dry by morning. And before I knew it, the first mitt was finished.

Now I’m at that knitting-fork-in-the-road: Should I go ahead and just make the matching mitt? Or should I seam those shoulders immediately and start in on the sleeves?

Time will tell! (The weather forecast is no help. Looks like spring is coming early to my neck of the woods this year, so I’m not particularly weather-motivated for either project.)

Stay tuned.


PS . . . Last night I seamed the shoulders and picked up the stitches for the first sleeve. So. There you go.

How about you? What are you making this week?