No worries. Just kidding. That was just an attention-grabbing headline. Because this may be the most boring blog post about the most boring knitting project since, well . . . since The Big Brown Blob!

I have been thinking about knitting this sweater for two years now. Last year I even started winding the yarn (it’s this yarn in the “Truffle” colorway). But making this sweater requires . . . A Commitment (it’s long, it’s oversized, it’s miles of stockinette), and I kept putting off the casting-on. But a couple of weeks ago, I found myself longing to wear this very sweater (it’s very . . . Me, style-wise) (if only I’d made it already. . .), so I decided now is the time!

And. . . surprise! It’s kind of magical. The knitting is easy. The yarn is fabulous. And it’s just flying off the needles. (Maybe I’ll be able to even wear it this year after all???)

This sweater is knit flat and in pieces, which is actually my favorite type of sweater construction. I don’t mind purling. I don’t mind seaming. And I have always found that . . . seams . . .  give the sweater a nicer shape and better structural integrity. I even like knitting sleeves better when they’re knitted flat!

So here’s where I am: I’ve got the back finished. I’ve started on the front (which is exactly the same as the back . . . ) (exactly). I’ve got plenty of movies to watch and audiobooks to listen to. And Tom is deep into curling season . . . Although January is almost over, February is also a long month. (For a short month, y’know?)

So what do you think? Will I be able to wear it this year? Or not?


And how about you? What are you working on this week?