As knitters, I think we all know that sinking feeling . . . when a project just isn’t working for us the way we imagined it would. Maybe . . . it ends up being no fun to knit. Or maybe . . . we chose the wrong colors. Maybe . . . it looked better in the pattern photos. Or maybe . . . we’re just not in the mood for this particular project at this particular time.

And sometimes . . . it’s ALL of the ABOVE.

When you know you’re not loving your project, and you avoid working on it for long stretches of time, it’s probably time to put it down and walk away. But here’s the question: Is for now? Or is it forever?

I mean, you might be in a better mood for the project . . . later? At some point in the future?

That’s where I landed with . . . this particular project at this particular time.
Ready to let it go, for sure. But do I need a break from it (for now)? Or am I finish-finished with it (forever)?

I spread it out on the dining room table over the weekend to assess. The yarn is really nice. It has that nice, hazy look. And it feels downright luxurious.

But . . .

Ugh. Those colors are not really working for me. Like not at all.

What I was thinking . . . was that I wanted something to go with “denim-y” stuff; something a little “different,” something that wasn’t black and/or gray. For a change. But now, of course, I found myself wishing this was . . . well . . . black and/or gray. Maybe with a little gold? I think I’d like that better.

But I’m not starting over. Because it’s also . . .  not so fun to knit, truth be told. And I don’t know that I’m sold on the shape of the shawl.

I never like quitting a project when I’m this far into it. But I’m not loving those colors at all. And I haven’t knit a stitch on it since Thanksgiving. But I also . . . really don’t want to unravel all that Kid Silk Haze, y’know?

I decided to officially give up . . . and pack it away.

I did it carefully and mindfully. I pulled out the needle and put the stitches on some waste yarn. I made good notes about where I was in the chart, and I jotted down some of the little things I was thinking about doing, a few concerns I had about moving ahead.

And then I put it all together in a bag.

So it looked like I was answering my own question with . . . for now.

But. . .

There was one thing I didn’t do (and it’s a kind of major thing):

I left one skein OUT of that bag!

Yeah. So I intentionally pulled that skein out of the bag as I packed the rest of the project away.

You know why?
Well . . . because I have it in mind for (ahem) Something Else.

And that, my friends, is a Dead Giveaway: I’ve just put this project away . . . forever!


How about you? Do you have a hard time letting go of project you’re not loving?