Betcha thought that blog post title was yet another cyber-whatever deal, trying to steal your attention. But . . . nope! It’s just me . . . with not-one-but-TWO finished projects to share!

First up . . .

Are they not the cutest little things????

I’m wanting to keep them all for my mantle, but soon they’ll be making their way across the country to bring joy to people I love. (Except one. I’m keeping one . . . ) I really love how they turned out! Fun and colorful and kinda wonky — just like real gingerbread houses.

Check out my Field Notes for more information, notes — and a lot more photos.



And then . . . you might remember (but probably don’t) that I embroidered a holiday sampler last December, but didn’t have the “making mojo” to do anything with it at the time. Well . . .

This year, I turned it into a throw pillow . . . just in time for the holidays!

Currently, I have placed the pillow in the corner of Tom’s chair. Tom, you see . . . only just barely tolerates my love of throw pillows. (He doesn’t see the point.) But he’s a good sport, and he humors me – and my festive décor. Me? I think they’re a lot of fun! (And how can he not love a pop of holiday cheer . . . that also invites him to “meet me under the mistletoe?”)

Again, you can check out my Field Notes for more information, notes — and a few more photos.



How about YOU? What are you making these days?