I’m mixing things up here in the Making Department these days . . . and having some seasonal crafting fun while doing said mixing.

I’m embroidering a little piece of Christmas fun from Dropcloth Samplers. This one (the Mistletoe Sampler) is a limited edition “vintage” design, originally sold in 2011 – and brought back for a “return engagement.”

I love all of Rebecca’s samplers! Each is like . . . a coloring book for stitchers! The sampler designs are whimsical and fun — and (best of all) they have no directions or stitch guides or suggested colors to follow. It’s just like . . . grabbing a coloring book and your crayons . . . and doing whatever you feel like! (If that makes you nervous, there are samples you can follow. But I really like the just-go-for-it nature of Rebecca’s pieces.)

My mistletoe sampler is 10″ x 10″ square. It’s big enough to hold comfortably while I’m stitching, but small enough that the project moves along quickly. When I finish, I’m planning to use the sampler in some sort of patchwork-y throw pillow. I think. (Any other ideas?)

Anyway. That’s what I’m doing these days . . . getting into the holiday spirit with a bit of embroidery.


How about you? What are you making this week?