I’ll start here . . . brownies are my favorite sweet-treat. (I’m also a fool for good pie, fruit tarts, anything with lemon, and butterscotch pudding.)

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make fudgy brownies . . . with frosting. I loved them! When I got those in my school lunch, it was always a Good Day!

But guess what? Tom . . . won’t eat brownies with frosting. In fact, he prefers “crunchy” treats: crispy-edge cookies, shortbread, the over-baked edge-pieces of brownies – and nuts in everything, please. But frosting? Really not his thing. At all. Ever.

So we’ve discovered the art of compromise when it comes to treats! I make crisp-edge cookies for him, and he has come to appreciate more fudge-y brownies for me (with nuts) (always). (I gave up on the frosting. It’s okay.) It also helps that – many years ago –  I found (what has become) my go-to brownie recipe from the trusty King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion cookbook: their On-the-Fence Brownies, designed for folks who can’t decide whether they want to make cakey or fudgy brownies.


These are seriously good brownies! Fudgy/chewy enough for me (plus . . . I add a cup of chocolate chips – in addition to the nuts, of course – which is pretty much as good as frosting!), and edgy enough for Tom.  I also got a special pan many years ago  . . . that allows EVERY brownie to be an edge-piece. A definite WIN from Tom’s perspective. (This was an extremely pricey pan — but it’s been worth every penny. If you like edge-pieces – or if someone you love loves edge-pieces – it’s a marvel.)


Tom was away for Valentine’s Day this year . . . which is really not a big deal for us, because we don’t do anything special to celebrate that (ahem . . . Hallmark) day anyway. But we do usually eat some chocolate together. (Because any reason to eat chocolate, y’know?) Tom got back last night, and I had a pan of brownies ready for him when he got home.

Compromise is always a good thing in relationships.
And especially when it comes to brownies!


Have a great weekend!