What I Think My Real Self Likes
by Marjorie Saiser

She likes to stand in left field
on a day with no ball game,
only crows on thousands of blades of grass.

She likes — I think she likes —
a park at midnight,
clouds trailing over the cheeks of the moon,

showing the light, hiding it.
That kind of flirting she likes.
She grabs my to-do list

from the counter and beats me with it.
Stop making this crappy fuss,
she says, and stomps off

in her red leather boots.
I hate the sound of it, you know
what I mean: the quiet
after she slams the door.


I found this poem in The Woman in the Moon, poems by Marjorie Saiser, edited by The Backwaters Press, 2018.  Information about the poet can be found here.


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