About a month ago, I shared some poinsettia tips-and-tricks with you. Now, I’m back to tell you . . . they worked!

I didn’t obsess over my collection of poinsettias this year. Like . . . at all. But I did keep them appropriately watered, and I tried to make sure they got as much light as I could give them.

The lime green poinsettia? It was the first to go. It lasted through December – barely. It was losing quite a few leaves that last week, and generally failing to thrive. (It was the one that received the least amount of light, so I’m thinking that was the likely culprit.) Still. It looked pretty good . . . right up until it didn’t.

The grouping of red poinsettias (there were 4 of them) at the base of my twinkle-light birch tree lasted until just the other day – and looked great throughout the holidays. Very festive. They needed quite a bit of water each week (their placement = close to a heat vent), but they lasted much longer — and didn’t look nearly so “Charlie Brown sad” — than they had in past years. (They were shedding leaves like crazy by the time I moved them on to the compost bin on Monday, though.)

That speckled poinsettia (my favorite)? Oh, it thrived! In fact, it continues to thrive. (If you click in to my original post and then scroll down a little bit, you can see how small it was when I brought it home.) That photo up at the top of this post was taken just yesterday morning! I think it’ll last for a while yet, and I like having it around. The speckles are subtle and it doesn’t scream “merry christmas” like the bright red ones did, so it fits in well with my remaining twinkle lights here in January.

So. Overall, I’m going to say that just a little “watering attention” every couple of days really did the trick for keeping my poinsettias alive through the holidays!

Now . . .

I can focus my efforts on these babies!